What are the standards for choosing led light?

LED lamps are now the main varieties of household lighting, not only because of its high lighting intensity, but also can provide enough bright for daily life, more energy saving and electricity saving. But now there are many inferior LED lamps on the market, in this blog we will introduce to you what are the standards for choosing LED lights.


Lighting should reach a certain intensity of illumination, thereby ensuring the comfort and safety. Proper lighting allows the whole floor area and lighting level to be balanced.

Color temperature

Color temperature(CCT) is a unit of measurement that identifies the color of a light, denoted by "K". Yellow light is < 3300k, the white light is > 5300k, and the middle color light is between 3300k to 5300k . Of course, Users can choose the appropriate color temperature according to the lighting application environment and the designer's needs  . Color temperature conventional selection range is 3000K-6000K.


Luminance of LED light is the most concern of the user, LED lighting is usually marked with luminous flux, Users can judge the luminance of lamps according to the luminous flux. The higher of the luminous flux, the brighter of the light.


Lumen is the illume index that points to lamps, generally if lumen is higher, illuminant is stronger. But isn't lumens the higher the better? Actually not, as long as it can meet the general lighting needs can be accepted, high lumen will cause high energy consumption, also can hurt the eyes gradually.

CRI(color rendering index)

Color rendering index is referred to as CRI. About color index is actually refers to the color of the LED, there are many kinds of it, You can match different colors according to the style of your home. The collocation of CRI directly decides whether the style of presentation is complete and match the style.

More importantly, choose reliable manufacturers and high-quality lamps. Pro.Lighting will be your good choice.



Post time: Mar-17-2022
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