The importance of lighting in restaurants

What makes you remember a restaurant? Food? Service? Or the ambience of the restaurant? In many cases, the more lasting memory than the taste of the restaurant may be the feeling of the restaurant ~ and the atmosphere of the restaurant, the lighting effect is very important. The function of lighting and the taste of diners have a subtle touch on the psychology of customers. As a material language, the light is corresponding to the positioning of catering enterprises can foil the personality and style of catering enterprises. Therefore, catering enterprises should arrange the lighting system artistically, mobilize the aesthetic psychology of customers, so as to achieve the unity of the beauty of food and environment. So, what should be concerned to restaurant lighting design, follow us to see.

Restaurant chains image consistency requires the designer with unified color and material, modelling, lighting effects to the different areas of customer, give a person with a unified sense of image. So in order to keep the consistency of image and the environment, the designer when doing the lighting design to do the data precision is unified, specific to the intensity of illumination, color temperature, the modelling of lamp act the role ofing size. To do so, even if the area of each chain different, due to the design data are precise and unified, so the customer to any store, their feelings are the same, it will reach the required by party A brand effect.

For fast food restaurant chains, designers think it pay more attention to the fast speed, because it is a commercial space, to avoid the customer long time stay, lighting design can update the customer's psychological requirement, to bring economic benefits to the enterprise.

Scientific experiments have proved that red, including yellow, will accelerate the blood flow of people than blue and other cool colors. Reasonable use of this processing technology can speed up people's dining speed, avoid staying for a long time, so as to improve the customer replacement frequency in the store, and achieve better marketing effect.