LED lighting applications

Nowadays, Pro Lighting's products are popular and widely recognized by the excellent quality, stable performance and unique design compared with the normal product in the market.

Most of the led lamps are widely applied to high-end hotel, high class restaurant, business center, office, residential apartment, cafe, shop, supermarket and more... Creating a more comfortable and pleasant lighting space to your business life.

High-end restaurant

Ambiance plays a very important role in many places, especially in hospitality and catering industies. Thus, the lighting is the key to creat the most appropriate atmosphere. Nowadays, people's demand for light is not only to meet the needs of daily lighting, but also to improve the level of the whole space and give people comfortable visual enjoyment. Pro.Lighting led downlight of DL4026, 10029LED, DL8005 series which are widely used in the high-end hotels, restaurants and residential apartments to inspire and delight people with good brightness effect.

Luxury shop

The lighting of the exhibition hall plays a very important role in the store, which can improve the display effect of goods and create the atmosphere of the store, so as to create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment, especially in the new retail era.
Pro.Lighting led track light of SP8035, SP4030, SP4050, SP6009 series are widely used to shopping malls, clothing shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, art galleries, and more.