How to improve the visual comfort of LED light?

How to improve the LED lamps visual comfort? To give people a clear view of the landscape outside, So the number and location of openings in the building envelope to control the intensity of natural light is also important . Too little or too much light can cause eyes discomfort. The light level change or strong contrast (known as Glare) can lead to stress and fatigue, because the human eyes are permanently adapted to the light levels.

Improving the visual comfort of LED light requires evaluating the quantity and quality of light.

To assess the amount of light, the distribution of light in space and illumination should be at specific and relevant points in the room where it performs functions measurement. In order to measure the quality of the light, beneficial daylight illumination (UDI) must be modeled, which integrates the assessment of daylight levels and glare, setting values that move between 100 and 2000 lux to an acceptable range. [2] Then calculate daylight independence (DA), the percentage of daylight hours of the year that remain above a certain light level at a particular point in the space set by the user. The new European day lighting standard EN17037 states that it shall meet the minimum requirements for daylight autonomy in the following criteria: 50% of the space reaches 300 lux of illumination for more than half of the day and 100% of the space reaches 100 lux of illumination for more than half of the day. Daylight autonomy is determined by the position and orientation of the glass, the shadow and position of the window, and the ratio of the window to the floor and the transmittance of visible light. To achieve an effective balance among all these variables, the following aspects are essential:

Improve the visual comfort of LED lamps should give priority to natural light.

Natural light is always the most comfortable, because it is our eyes natural light. It not only for the health and happiness has a proven effect - raising awareness in the daytime, improve the sleep mode, reduce the risk of depression, and many other aspects, but also can save a lot of energy, avoid the repeated use of artificial light source. When designing a new project, make full use of space orientation, with the right opening design, to provide users with the best possible light. According to the specific use of each room, you should also consider a space in the use of different time or date change. 

Improve the visual comfort of LED lamps needs to determine the amount of light through glass: visible light transmittance 

Openings and spatial relationship must start with a visible light transmittance (VLT) as a supplement, namely, the number of visible light through the glass.50% VLT allows 50% of the light through a glass, and hindered the remaining 50%. With it, we can in the project combined with big openings, control the number of light through it at the same time, increase the protection of ultraviolet rays and glare.In order to get effective results, all these analysis must be combined with other related factors of calculation, such as solar heat gain coefficient and the U value. Local regulations must be taken into account, and select the window type of specification.

Improve the visual comfort of LED lamps need to consider the relationship between the openings and space

Open area and the ratio of space area calculation is known as the window (WFR), is to open a total area of divided by the area of the relevant space. This helps to define the number of open, every space in our program to perform effectively. It can also guide opening size, location and type of glass.

In addition, the evaluation view of the outside world, the comprehensive nature of the factors is very important also, consider combining solar control system, or even affect the inside of the building project of visual comfort other methods. 

Post time: Dec-08-2021
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