How to avoid the decay of led light?

Do you know what is the decay of LED light? The lamp of your home becomes not so bright as before, needs to be on for a while to shine up. Maybe we thought it was dust on the light fixture at the beginning, but found that even brushed the lamp, it's still not bright enough. Finally, the conclusion is that 1. You buy the fake lamp which is low quality. 2.Is because the life of the light source is shortened.

Generally speaking, light decay refers to the lumen flux will be lower than origin after lamp use in a period, the part of lower is called light decay. with the time of usage, all light source will reduce its brightness compared to initial time.

LED lights are known for their energy efficiency and long lifespan. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs don’t fail or burn out at the same rate. Are LEDs capable of failing? Yes, but only when not properly installed and maintained. In this blog, we are going to talk about how you can avoid LED light decay, making your LED lights last for decades!

Each of us have a lifespan, in fact, lamp is the same. With the passage of time, the function mechanism of the LED lamps also will be falling. Neither incandescent lamp, LED track light, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp or LED grille light can avoid "dead", and this is the problem the decay of lamps.


We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: heat is the enemy of LEDs. Traditional light bulbs, such as fluorescent and incandescent lighting, need heat simply to power on and then stay on. They are usually hot to the touch and use the majority of their energy generating heat instead of light. LEDs are designed with heat sinks, which draw any heat the light creates away from the diode. You can touch an LED light without burning your hand even after it’s been on for hours!


How to solve the decay of led light? Actually, LED light can not avoid this problem, it is the common concern of the light industry, but as long as we know the cooling way of lamps, we can reduce the light decay accordingly. But before we talk about heat dissipation, we must first understand it: junction temperature.

What is the junction temperature? The so-called junction temperature is semiconductor chip (wafer, bare chip) PN junction temperature, junction temperature comes higher the decay comes sooner.

If the junction temperature of 105 degrees, the brightness of 70% life only more than ten thousand hours, 20000 hours, 95 degrees and the junction temperature down to 75 degrees, life 50000 hours, 65 degrees more can be extended to 90000 hours. So the key to longevity is to reduce the junction temperature, and the key to reduce the junction temperature is to have a good heatsink, so how to systematically to differentiates the bad of actor of heat dissipation of the LED lamps and lanterns? General LED junction temperature rise, high luminous flux will decline. So, we just measure the lamps is according to the illumination changes in the same place, the junction temperature changes, particular way is:

1. Choose a place without external light interference, had better be in the evening, turn off the other lights.

2. The lamps and light meter position unchanged, lamps continuous to work.

3. After half an hour, and then read the illuminance values here, write down the readings as "hot illumination".

4. If the two Numbers about (10 ~ 15%), is the basic of the lamps of the cooling system is good.

5. If the two Numbers are far (greater than 20%), then this lamps of the cooling system is questionable.

Another way to avoid LED light decay is to properly install them!

Pro.Lighting 10072N series downlight which have EXCELLENT HEATSINK DESIGN as the aircraft engine can keep the lamp looks more perfect than the cooling fin exposed, when all of the cooling fins hide inside to ensure the cooling effect better.


Light decay is a necessary process. When we buy LED lamps, we must choose the quality and good heat dissipation performance of the lamps. In the process of use, we should also minimize the workload of the lamps, which can delay the speed reduction and extend the service life of the LED lamps.

Post time: Mar-11-2022
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