Custom lighting for hotel

In general, it is not easy to find the right size for a particular style and space in the market for engineered lighting purchased by hotels. Therefore, according to their own actual situation, professional lighting designers are required to design some beautiful engineering lamps in line with the hotel environment. What should be concerned when customizing hotel engineering lighting?

First, the hotel environment requirements of brightness and style according to the hotel environment design, suitable for the hotel's brightness and customers' general interest. Proper lighting facilitates the normal life and work of the hotel, while also giving them a good atmosphere and making us feel at home, so that they can go back and forth and stay in the hotel next time.

Second, the choice of lighting materials when customizing lamps. Using led chips will have a longer span life than lights made of other materials. At the same time, when the room temperature is 45 degrees, the chip temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the service life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when customizing lamps, it is necessary to request the materials used by the manufacturer. Lamps made of inferior materials may not see any defects in a short time, but they will fade over a long period of time. Polarization and other phenomena, so in the customization of lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to have requirements on the material of lamps and lanterns, which will determine the service life and replacement cycle of customized lighting.

Third, the price factor of customized lighting. The price of lamps of the same grade is basically the same, but there may be some deviation due to the difference of manufacturing technology between manufacturers. However, if the price of the lamp is too far from the market average, there is definitely something wrong with the lamp. Because price is value. As a hotel, since it has decided to customize lamps and lanterns, it must choose a good faith, strength and reputation of the custom lamps manufacturer to complete the customization project.

Fourth, customized lamps should be more concerned of safety. Because hotel lights are often custom made, especially lobby lights, which are large and heavy, safety is a priority. In short, the most important thing for hotel lighting customization is to customize the appropriate lamps according to the hotel users, and pay attention to the control of materials, and strive to achieve proper price with good quality.

Post time: Apr-01-2022
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