Create a 5-star restaurant with lights for your family

Dinning-room is the place that has a meal, but also be the time that gets along with the family, the lighting of the daily atmosphere, will make the home instantly eye-catching.


Three meals a day! Having a romantic dinner with him or her in the special day, along with western food lighting mode, dim light makes people feel more relaxed, while softly whisper chatting, turns out home can be like a poem...

lighting mode

If you want to have a warm lunch with your family, let's turn on the dining mode. The soft lighting makes you feel relaxed and happy.

假日午餐led lighting

The accent lighting(spotlighting) carefully designed above the table can make dishes present bright colors and make people more appetizing. The lamplight with a sense of layering looks more textured...

spot lighting



Post time: Apr-21-2022
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